Building a home with me is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5.

Main Level-Kitchen-_DSC3137.JPG

1 Understand

The building process can be complex. I’ll help you work through your questions and concerns with a 360° view that comes from being part of building more than 100 family homes.


2 Decide

Here’s where we’ll put our heads together to make the decisions that will make your dream home take shape. 

Main Level-Powder Room-_DSC3187.JPG

3 Build

It’s time to break ground. What originated with our imaginations will now start to become real.

Upper Level 2-Loft-_DSC3087.JPG

4 Finish

This is when we cross the finish line as partners. I’ll finish up the final to-dos, file for your Certificate of Occupancy and hand you the keys.


5 Live

Now you’ll start life in your new home, knowing that I’ll always be around to offer advice and guidance. This isn’t a one-time transaction, after all. It’s a lifelong relationship.